Sales Gym 360 is passionate about helping to professionalise the sales industry by improving the competency and performance of sales teams everywhere.

We continually develop original tools and deliver competency-based assessments, 3-hour training-based Masterclasses, one-to-one mentoring, Team Accelerator Packages, Apps and Resources - delivering longer lasting behaviour change and improved results.

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We can train you to more effectively connect with and sell into your prospects and customers, but don't take our word for it, listen to Jack, the CEO of The Jalapeno Food Company.

Coaching the Good to be Great and the Best to be Better

"80% of what is taught in the classroom is forgotten in the first 30 days"

The Forgetting Curve, Hermann Ebbinghaus

Like you, we obsess about improving the performance and Sales-Fitness of sales people.

We appreciate however that you and your team would prefer to spend time with Clients rather than attending multi-day training courses – most of which don’t have the desired effect on behavioural change and business improvement.

We’re different as we offer a unique service that embraces modern learning techniques to maximise positive behavioural change and Rapid Performance Improvement.

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What members learn and how they learn it

The Induction

This is a 3 hour learning session that teaches Members new ways of developing, forecasting and winning business

Section 1: Connect

The Warm up

  • Why are you here?
  • Why customers buy
  • Start at the end, what good looks like
  • Qualifying & winning an opportunity
  • Social selling

The Workout

  • Be a prospecting athlete

The Equipment

  • CARATS: The qualification tool
  • The Trust Formula
  • The Connections matrix
Hazard: The wannabe authoritarian

Section 2: Motivate

Sprint #1

  • Purchasing motivators
  • Getting to the motive
  • Brilliant questions
  • The ripple effect
  • Forecasting accuracy

The Workout

  • Winning collaboratively

The Equipment

  • The Motive staircase
  • The Forecasting matrix
  • The Connections matrix revisited
Hazard: Free consultancy

Section 3: Propose

Sprint #2

  • Knowing when to bid and when not to
  • What is value and how to sell it
  • Managing the room
  • Story telling
  • Forecasting accuracy

The Workout

  • Write winning proposals

The Equipment

  • The steps of Separation Principle
Hazard: The intended tender

Section 4: Close

Sprint #3

  • Overcoming objections
  • Deals don't stick
  • Managing the new influencer
  • Maximise the margin
  • Forecasting accuracy

The Warm Down

  • Selling into the white space

The Equipment

  • The Forecasting matrix
  • The Connections matrix
Hazard: New influencers

Personal Training

After Members have attended The Induction they will be assigned a Personal Trainer who will mentor the Member through the following four core competencies of professional selling


Members will be able to successfully connect with new contacts by:

  • Learning to use the Trust Formula
  • Learning to borrow credibility
  • Learning to master LinkedIn

Selling Value

Members will be able to successfully position their value by:

  • Learning to question effectively
  • Learning to be strategically relevant
  • Learning to communicate value


Members will be able to successfully articulate their proposition by:

  • Learning to collaborate successfully
  • Learning to structure bids
  • Learning to structure presentations


Members will be able to improve their forecasting accuracy by:

  • Learning to use the Forecasting Matrix
  • Learning to establish Trust
  • Learning to engage all influencers