Personal Training

  Aimed at: Salespeople at all levels (including Managers/Directors). The training is
1-2-1 and mentoring-based so is tailored to the exact needs of the individual

Objective of the Session:
To rapidly help improve team member’s ability to:

• understand the R.A.P.P.O.R.T. sales cycle framework (Research, Approach, Probe,
Propose, Overcome Objections, Re-Propose, Take the Order)
• be credible (both virtually and physically)
• develop effective hooks and practical prospecting strategies to secure meaningful meetings
• develop and frame meaningful and relevant questions
• structure effective communications (both written and verbal)
• understand the difference between selling on price and selling on value
• overcome objections and  learn how to approach negotiations
• forecast accurately

How our training is different

   There’s a difference between learning and knowing.  You can sit through a multi-day course learning how to sell, only to realise a month later that you’ve forgotten most of what you learnt and no longer know what you need to know. There’s a reason for that – it’s called, ”The Forgetting Curve”.

Our little-and-often approach is different and more effective – everything we do and the way we do it is designed to improve lasting knowledge retention and behaviour change. 

Each of our courses contains the following core components:

•Pre-engagement activities and assessment to help enthuse the individual and create the right state for learning;

•Use of Slack or another Enterprise Social Network (ESN), such as Yammer, to help build a collaborative environment for the learners;

•Short classroom sessions.  The duration of any classroom sessions will in most cases be limited to 3-hours at a time.  Lengthy sessions can lead to knowledge saturation and memory deterioration impacting meaningful behaviour change;

•Mentoring.  Mentoring is a highly effective means to help embed the learnings from the classroom sessions as they are 100% practical and based around the tasks and activities relevant to the individual;

•12 months access to either the out of the box “Sales Gym 360 Personal Training App” or the “Sales Gym 360 Team Training App”;

•Post course competency assessment;

•Reward through the allocation of attainment badges – one per competency (as below). 

​​There are three levels (stars) of proficiency per competency.  When an individual has achieved at least one proficiency star for each competency the individual can start building up “Athlete” stars.  Gamifying the learning experience in this manner encourages learners to take responsibility for their own personal development – increasing the rate of improvement.