Have your own Sales Academy

Aimed at: Direct and Indirect sales teams

A Sales Academy is a collection of all the courses, content, assessments and Apps needed to help improve your business performance – glued together with a dedicated Slack group (or other ESN), mentoring support and attainment badges. 

Yours can be up and running in 4 simple steps:

1. Assess:
First, we  run a 1-day Orientation Workshop with you during which time we gather all the necessary information to help us decide on the initial courses and content that should be included in The Academy.  The Assessment stage should also include meetings between your key stakeholders (Board Members, Leadership Team Members etc) and us (this will help ensure The Academy is properly supported at all levels thereby encouraging organisation-wide acceptance and participation);
2. Design:
Then, we will put together the various components of The Academy (including a logo design) and will highlight any courses that need to be tweaked or designed exclusively for you;

3. Implement:
  Then together we will promote The Academy and run the courses;
4. Manage:
To keep you fully updated on the success of The Academy, we will provide you with monthly reports highlighting who has been trained and how many Credits are remaining (see the Investment section below). We will also “Community manage” the Slack (or other ESN) group in an effort to drive mass participation and maximise the chances of lasting success.
A Sales Academy provides a continual learning opportunity for all enrolled personnel, thereby maximising the chances of business success.
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Investment:  To create maximum flexibility, each Sales Academy is funded by the procurement of a Skills License. A Skills License contains a number of Credits.  Every course and service that we offer is equal to a “Credit Investment” (ie, a number of Credits).  The more complex the service, the higher the Credit Investment.   You can procure as many credits as you wish.  The greater the number of Credits purchased, the lower the unit Credit value. Skills Licenses can be topped up at any time.

How our training is different

   There’s a difference between learning and knowing.  You can sit through a multi-day course learning how to sell, only to realise a month later that you’ve forgotten most of what you learnt and no longer know what you need to know. There’s a reason for that – it’s called, ”The Forgetting Curve”.

Our little-and-often approach is different and more effective – everything we do and the way we do it is designed to improve lasting knowledge retention and behaviour change. 

Each of our courses contains the following core components:

•Pre-engagement activities and assessment to help enthuse the individual and create the right state for learning;

•Use of Slack or another Enterprise Social Network (ESN), such as Yammer, to help build a collaborative environment for the learners;

•Short classroom sessions.  The duration of any classroom sessions will in most cases be limited to 3-hours at a time.  Lengthy sessions can lead to knowledge saturation and memory deterioration impacting meaningful behaviour change;

•Mentoring.  Mentoring is a highly effective means to help embed the learnings from the classroom sessions as they are 100% practical and based around the tasks and activities relevant to the individual;

•12 months access to either the out of the box “Sales Gym 360 Personal Training App” or the “Sales Gym 360 Team Training App”;

•Post course competency assessment;

•Reward through the allocation of attainment badges – one per competency (as below). 

​​There are three levels (stars) of proficiency per competency.  When an individual has achieved at least one proficiency star for each competency the individual can start building up “Athlete” stars.  Gamifying the learning experience in this manner encourages learners to take responsibility for their own personal development – increasing the rate of improvement.