Is Your Sales Team Sales-Fit for 2017? 
Assess Their Competency By 31st January 2017 And Save Up To 60%

Would you say your sales team are at the "Couch potato" end of the Sales-Fitness maturity spectrum (low close rates, declining margins etc) or the "Sales-Athlete" end (team spirited, long term strategic Client relationships ...)?

Find out with a comprehensive Competency Assessment from Sales Gym 360 - the results of which will help you identify and address the development needs of your team members, thereby increasing the chances of them hitting their 2017 targets.

Assessments normally carry an investment requirement of £300 per individual, however, if you order by 31st January 2017 this will be reduced to £150, saving you 50%.

Further more, if you assess more than 10 people the investment-per-individual will be reduced to just £120, saving you 60%.

To arrange your Assessments and save up to 60%, get in touch today by emailing or calling 0800 689 3936.

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