Managing Director
​Darren Spence

External Learning Consultant 
Cathy Hoy (Fellow, LPI)

  1. Darren Spence
    Darren Spence
  2. Cathy Hoy
    Cathy Hoy

"I've always been passionate about professionalising the sales industry and the performance of sales people.   I decided to set up Sales Gym 360 to focus on developing people new into sales roles.  I want to help prevent new sales people from picking up bad habits throughout their career by providing them with a collection of tools and methodologies to help them be the best they can be."

Darren Spence, MD Sales Gym 360

Sales Gym 360 Trainers and Mentors

Anne-Louise Pemberton

Anna Marshall

Brian Abbott

  1. Anne-Louise Pemberton
    Anne-Louise Pemberton
  2. Anna Marshall
    Anna Marshall
  3. Bian Abbott
    Bian Abbott